Pirene's Fountain

At Pirene's Fountain, it is our hope that we can share of each other's knowledge, and in the spirit of Ancora Imparo –" I am still learning," open our hearts and minds to inspiration.


Building on their love for poetry, Ami and her fellow editors established a poetry journal, creating a venue open to all poets, regardless of age, skill level, school of thought, style or form of poetry—a place where a formal sonnet could coexist harmoniously with an experimental work. Besides selecting poems from incoming submissions, featuring established poets and gaining inspiration from their work was an important facet of the magazine. An artist and webmaster augmented the existing staff. After a brief training period, an initial submission call was sent out and Pirene's Fountain came into existence.

Pirene's Fountain is a volunteer run, online journal based out of Chicago; however, its editors and readers are spread globally. Pirene's Fountain does not advertise or seek donations. Since the editors live in different parts of the world, submissions and other materials are handled by email. The editors work on the journal only during peak magazine submission times. They switch around duties with each issue, so every edition has a unique feel. Reading submissions is shared, along with writing features, reviews, the editor's page, and interviewing poets and editors. Beyond written content, other mediums such as visual art, music, film, animation, dance and other arts are often explored. Pirene's Fountain is extremely fortunate to have Katherine Herschler and Tracy McQueen design the layout and coordinate artwork for each issue.

Pirene's Fountain respects its submitting poets, various members of the literary field and most of all, its readers. When the magazine started up it was small venture, but over the past years, has received numerous visitors, and has an established and growing readership. Pirene's Fountain is not affiliated with any academic organization or funding committee. Pirene's Fountain strongly believes everyone should have access to art; content is examined carefully to ensure even young people entering the site will not be exposed to questionable material.

The original vision of Pirene's Fountain was to provide a platform where all poets could have a home; advanced, established, intermediate and beginning, learning from and inspiring each other. The belief that no matter how advanced one is, there is always something new to learn, a perspective that had not occurred to one previously, an angle that might improve the work, and that as long as one learns, there is growth. In that spirit, one of the PF editors decided to use a phrase made famous many years back by Michelangelo, "Ancora Imparo" (I am still learning,) as the journal's mission statement.

Pirene's Fountain publishes poetry, features, reviews, articles and interviews. Submissions are circulated among the editors to read and select for each issue. Pirene's Fountain publishes a spring/summer issue in April and a fall/winter issue in October. The editors of Pirene's Fountain nominate poems for the Pushcart Prize and the "Best of the Net" from Sundress. The journal also awards an annual PF Editors' prize every April.

Behind the Scenes:

Editor : Mark McKayEdinburgh, Scotland
Oli is extremely well read with a large knowledge base, especially conversant with European literature. He employs a wide range of poetic styles and is currently working on a poetry collection. He is responsible for reading and selecting submissions, writing features and conducting interviews.

Editor: Charles MorrisonRaleigh, North Carolina
Charles is well acquainted with modern American poetry. He tries to keep up to date with the current poetry scene, reads various journals and is working on a book. He is responsible for reading and selecting submissions, writing features and conducting interviews.

Editor: Tony WalbranMelbourne, Australia
Tony writes fiction and poetry. He is comfortable with formalist work, often incorporating humor into his writing. He especially enjoys writing for children. He is responsible for reading and selecting submissions, writing features and conducting interviews.

Senior Editor: Lark Vernon TimmonsEl Paso, Texas
Lark is responsible for reading and selecting submissions, writing features and conducting interviews.
She coordinates prize nominations, proofreads and edits magazine text, and assists the production team with various tasks. Lark is an excellent editor with a serene, easy going attitude very well suited to magazine work. She favors a wide variety of poetry including musical and spiritual work, and enjoys poetry that flows well, and is meaningful.

Layout and Webmaster: Katherine HerschlerChicago, Illinois
Katherine takes care of the website templates and design. She creates the layout for each issue and works to design each magazine issue with the artist and publisher. Few people realize the amount of work formatting poetry text for a web program entails. Katherine is extremely patient through all the changes and corrections and competent in dealing with website and coding issues that inevitably come up. She handles working under deadline pressure with amazing composure. Katherine graduated from The Illinois Institute of Art—Schaumburg.

Art Editor and Concept Design: Tracy McQueenChicago, Illinois
Tracy is our talented artist who keeps refining the smallest detail until she is completely satisfied with the end product. She has illustrated two books and is well versed in all artistic mediums. She is pursuing an illustration degree from American Academy of Art, Chicago.

Publisher and Managing Editor: Ami KayeChicago, Illinois.
Ami takes care of submission calls, networking and correspondence with poets and editors, release notices, promotional work, and ordering materials. She works on layout and the magazine issues with the publication team, and coordinating submissions and making final decisions with the editing team, planning interviews, writing reviews and features, etc., Along with both teams, she pulls all the material together for publication. She is extremely fortunate to work with such a talented and dedicated staff.